Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dr Ashok’s Hair Transplantation Blog and Reviews in Hyderabad

This blog announces latest news reviews about hair transplant in Hyderabad, general information. 
Review 1
I was terribly depressed  since I had gone bald. I could not focus on my work and the quality of my performance at work was dipping gradually. I just felt helpless and did not know what to do. 
As luck would have it, one of my old friends  bumped in to me during a week end party. The guy who was very bald when I saw him about a year ago,  looked incredibly handsome. He now had a full crop of hair.
After much coaxing and cajoling, he finally revealed the secret  of his bouncing hair. He did a Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad with Dr. Ashok. That was it. In a span of three weeks, I had my consultation with Dr. Ashok in his clinic, saw a few more happy patients there and underwent Hair Restoration surgery in Dr. Ashok’s Hair Transplant clinic.
Now 7 months later, my depression vanished and my  smile is back.  I have become one more ardent admirer of Dr. Ashok along with thousands of his other patients.  Thanks a Million Dr. Ashok !
21. 12.2012
Review 2
Baldness runs in my family. I became a recluse during my college days as my hair line started receding and new bald patch started in my crown area. I hated to look at the mirror as my face looked disfigured. When I joined my new job,  I could never look directly in to the  eyes of my female colleagues. I was just avoiding them.
As time went by, so also my hair was lost with time. My search in internet resulted in a few reputed hair transplantation surgeons in Hyderabad. I visited each one of them. Some were outrageously commercial, one was highly expensive, some were clearly inexperienced and lacked confidence. Only after meeting Dr. Ashok was I convinced that here was one Doctor who was genuine, efficient, experienced, pioneer in hair transplant surgery and above all non commercial.
It is around nine months after surgery and my lost hair has returned along with my self confidence. I have become sociable again and I do not avoid lady colleagues any more. In fact. I am dating one beautiful girl and we are planning to tie the knot next year.

For all those who are silently suffering from baldness- I just have one advice- You can blindly go to          Dr. Ashok for your hair transplant surgery. You will never get a better quality work with a better price anywhere else.
3rd January,2013